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  Kisangani Bengals

Based in ‘Sunny Bournemouth’ Kisangani Bengals plans to make available a very limited number of potentially show quality kittens.

Zawadi Aphrodite is my very much-loved pet, from show lines. I selected her from Connie Henderson of Zawadi Bengals, a highly reputable and experienced breeder who has many years of experience producing show quality Bengal cats. Connie has provided me with a truly beautiful cat and invaluable advice and support. 

Aphrodite is a brown rosetted/spotted type Bengal and has a beautiful whitened tummy, which she inherited from her father, she loves to display it enticingly, stretching out to her full metre body length on the rug.  

Aphrodite lives indoors for her own safety; unfortunately such an eye-catching cat could easily get stolen. This does greatly benefit the local wildlife. Bengal kittens will very happily wear a harness so you can train your cat to take chaperoned walks around the garden.  

Bengal cats are quite athletic so I have installed a ‘gym’ area in the living room, where she takes a work out every morning after breakfast.  Aphrodite eats a premium quality, high protein diet, as necessary for Bengal cats, and she loves to have raw poultry treats.  

There will be a limited number of pregnancies. Aphrodite will always live with me I do not plan to have a succession of queens.  


Kisangani is our registered prefix. Some 1,300 miles from the mouth of the Congo River, the city of Kisangani is the farthest navigable point upstream. Kisangani is a major city in Congo, with over 1 million human inhabitants. The Congo has many magnificent creatures including the leopard and cheetah. Human activities like conflict, logging and the bush meat trade threaten their survival.