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Bengal cats are not only beautiful, they are also playful, intelligent and athletic. These cats really have a wow factor and make super family pets that enjoy playing with children and dogs. These elegant, energetic cats make loyal and sociable companions.

Kisangani Bengals are based in Bournemouth Dorset, where you can come to view delightful Kisangani Bengal Kittens.



My darling Yzabella has recently been away to Zawadi Bengals to visit Imperial Grand Champion Seregon Basil Rathbone, a stunning marble boy, with a gorgeous blend of colour tones, and a super temperament. Basil successfully wooed a nervous little Bella and she was soon snuggling in his bed. We are so very grateful to Connie Henderson for allowing Bella to visit, and helping us to produce our latest litter of five adorable brown spotted Bengals. They were born on the 5th January between 5.20 pm and 9.20 pm. We have one pretty little girl with her Momma's big eyes, and four handsome boys. Our spotty angels will be ready to leave in early April.

You can take a look at the kittens on a live stream (or some saved clips) here HD web cam .Videos can be found here my you tube channel or see out most up to date pictures here on our face book page. Give me a call if you would like to reserve a kitten.

I have posted new videos on You Tube. The ones below are older litters, but I am sorry I am having problems working out how to replace them using Dreamweaver. I could do it - but seem to have forgotten how. Must be etting old...